We offer the best service and rates in Colorado Springs and we are the only waste tire hauler to offer same day pick up!

We started as a small used tire shop and have tripled in size. in August 2016 we decided to separate the waste tire hauling from the used tire sales thus resulting in two companies.

The Process 

Colorado Tire Company LLC is a licensed waste tire hauler registered with the Colorado Department Of Public Health and Environment.

We Recycle all of our tires at Colorado Energy Recyclers. They have a process in witch they produce fuel, concrete, and playground equipment with old unusable tires


Fastest turnaround in the industry

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Small Business Choice Award for fastest service.

Keys to Success

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$1.00 Per Tire!

30 Tires or more

Colorado Tire Exchange

Waste Tire Hauling Service

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. At Colorado Tire Exchange we believe in taking care of our environment. Our philosophy is that no good tire should be destroyed before the life of that tire. We are a Used Tire Wholesale Distributor. We collect tires sort them and resale any tire that can be preserved and then recycle the rest in accordance with HB 14-1352.

Our Standard



Family owned and operated